How do I translate using Loco Translate?

In order to use Loco Translate for your PDF Invoices, you will have to go through a small number of steps to configure this first. Downloading Loco Translate is the first of these steps. If you do not have Loco Translate installed, you can click here to go to the tutorial on installing Loco Translate.

Picking your desired language

The first step to using Loco Translate with our plugin is to go to the Loco Translate plugins list. This can be achieved simply by clicking the Loco Translate logo in your admin panel. Click the WooCommerce PDF Invoices bundle name and you will see a list of languages to choose from.

Sync up your translation file

before you start your translation, it is a good idea to sync the translation so that you have the most recent translatable sentences and words. Sometimes, your file will be out-of-date, and as such it will not show you what you may want to translate.

Getting your translation going

After you’ve picked your language and synced your translation, you should head over to the translations that have already been done for you. Loco Translate shares the translation files and efforts that others have made so that you can use them too. Click on the language you want and you will see a list of the English phrases / words. Below this, you can place your translation.

Once you’ve filled out the translations you want, click the Save button.

Relocate your translation files

Because updates happen, it is important that you move the location of your translation files. At the top of the plugin, go to the ‘Relocate’ tab and you can choose where to play your translation files. Move them to ‘languages/loco/plugins/woocommerce-pdf-invoices-lan_GUAGE.po’. This will ensure the safety of your translation files.

Set your user language to your desired language

If you hadn’t already changed your user language, now is the time to do so. Go to your users, search up your own username and click on your name. Set your user language to your desired language.

Translation should now be set up correctly. Any invoices or packing slips you make will be translated correctly.