Who's behind WooCommerce PDF Invoices?

Bas Elbers

Welcome, I’m Bas Elbers a full-time developer and author of WooCommerce PDF Invoices. I’m living in The Netherlands and like to travel all over the world.

I’m mainly contributing to the open-source world with WordPress as my main focus. Why open-source? Well, of course of the awesome independancy, non vendor lock-in and the lovely collaboration between developers all over the world! It just gets the best out of people. 🙂

In early 2013, I’ve decided to develop a brand new invoicing plugin during some lessons at the University. My goal was simple: Build a powerful tool for sites running WordPress, that makes generating and sending beautiful invoices as simple as baking an egg.

As of today, the WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin is running on nearly 7000 sites. This was made possible by the power of the open-source community. Something to be proud of don’t you think? 🙂

That said, I’m investing a huge chunk of free time in support, development and lots of creative energy to make WooCommerce PDF Invoices even better. In order to develop more advanced features within a shorter period of time, more support is needed. You can support me by leaving a ★★★★★ rating at the WordPress plugin page. A huge thank you in advance!