April 25, 2018

Refund Policy

30 Days Refund Policy Statement

BE Shops values every customer and works hard to provide customers with an enjoyable experience using BE Shops products and services.

Most BE Shops software offer a free or trial version, so customers can ‘test-drive’ before purchasing and avoid buying the wrong product.

It’s because of this ‘try-before-you-buy’ system that BE Shops provides up to 30 days money back guarantee, refunds will be approved within this guarantee only under the accepted circumstances below. If a purchase exceeds the product’s money-back-guarantee period, no refund will be given.

Circumstances of no refund

With products featuring up to a 30-day money back guarantee, BE Shops generally does not refund or exchange products in the following circumstances.

Non-technical circumstances:

  1. Failure to read the product description and specification before purchasing and thus resulting in dissatisfaction with the product’s function and/or results. It is highly recommended that every customer read the product description and try the free or trial version before purchasing. BE Shops doesn’t refund software if product fails to meet customer’s needs due to lack of understanding of the products’ functions and capabilities on the part of the customer, but BE Shops would exchange the product you purchased for other product.
  2. A refund request due to changing the mind after placing an order or by simplying a “It does not work”, “I am not satisfied with it”, “I no longer need it”, “I don’t need it” or “I do not want it” reason, or never provided any detailed description of the problem or refuse to cooperate with our support team.
  3. A refund request will be rejected due to no technical issue that proves the software purchased didn’t work.
  4. A customer purchased the so-called “wrong” product, and then purchase/use the “correct” product which has same functions from other company.
  5. BE Shops product price differences between different regions or price differences between BE Shops and other companies.
  6. A customer claims the license key does not work but BE Shops test the license key to be valid.
  7. A refund request claiming the failure to receive license key within two hours after order placed. Ordinarily, once an order has been placed, the license key will be displayed on order complete page ASAP and our ecommerce platform will automatically send an order confirmation email within 1 hour. Sometimes the arrival of this order confirmation email can be delayed due to delays caused by internet or system glitches, email spam settings, etc. In this case, customer should contact support@wcpdfinvoices.com, our support team will reply you within 24 hours.
  8. Refund policy is not applied to the situations when customers are not satisfied with the invoice provided by the e-commerce platform or dissatisfied with the customer services provided by the e-commerce platform.
  9. A customer refund request on complaint of credit card fraud/other unauthorized payment. As we cooperates with the 3rd-party e-commerce platform, it’s impossible for us to monitor authorization during payment. Once an order is processed and fulfilled, it can’t be cancelled.

Technical circumstances:

  1. A refund requested due to technical issues, but never provided any assistance to our support team with any detailed description of the problem, refuse to try to apply any solution our technical support team provided or refuse to cooperate with our support team in attempts at troubleshooting via email support and remote assistance.
  2. In a customer computer environment, free/trial version failed to work, but the customer still purchased the full version after testing, but our technical support team would do their best to solve the customer’s problem. The free/trial version needs to be active in order to make use of the features of the premium version. If free/trial version failed to work, full version won’t work either.

Accepted circumstances of refund

BE Shops offers refunds for the following circumstances within the guidelines of 30-day money back guarantee.

Non-technical circumstances:

  1. A customer purchased a wrong product, and then purchased the correct product from our company.
  2. A customer purchased the same product twice or purchased two products with similar functions. In this case, we will refund one of the products for you.
  3. A customer has been double charged due to our e-commerce payment platform.
  4. The customer does not receive the license key within 24 hours of purchase and has not received a timely response (within 24 hours) from our support team after making contact. In this case, BE Shops will refund the customer’s order if he/she has no need of the product in future.

Technical circumstances:

  1. Software purchased has terminal technical problems, and no solution has been provided within 30 days after our support team provides email support and remote assistance. In this case, BE Shops will refund the purchase price if the customer doesn’t want to wait for a future upgrade.

How should I request a refund?

Please provide the detailed problem (Including software screenshots) which proves the software didn’t work for you.

What should I do when refund request is accepted?

Once the refund request is accepted or issued, the license key will be banned at once, please uninstall the software and remove it from your computer immediately.